Friday, December 25, 2009

Bambi looks back: News Years 2009

So i can't really remember a year in which so much happened or so much changed, a year in which doors closed and new ones opened, in which so many new friends were made or life circumstances changed forever... before there was always some sort of constant, but this year all that changed...

where was i around this time last year, the beginning of 2009? I'd just gotten back from a wonderful christmas trip to New York with the family. things were crazy with my on again off again long time bf Nate, but at that point, to Nate's dismay, currently off. I had a huge thing for one of my co-workers, gorgeous, sweet talking, funny Snoop - boss's grandson. We'd bonded pretty soon after i started working at the restaurant in the fall of 2008, but at that time things were still good with Nate and I, not to mention that Snoop was still seeing his long-time girl. However, has 2008 drew to a close, things were rocky in my relationship and Snoop's as well. Still, i was surprised when he invited me to a hotel new years party he was throwing. Nate was dying to spend news years with me and came to my house causing drama and while i loved him, i wanted space and of course to see where things were headed with Snoop. I blew Nate off and headed to my friend Pam's house where we went on an alcohol run with her cousin and Jersey came over. We took shots and chilled and when Snoop still hadn't called around 11 Jersey, Starbucks, and i took an offer to head to party Jersey's then-bf Mikey, was at. At that time i wasn't a big partier (crazy right???) so the throngs of kids from my high school drinking and smoking and generally throwing down scandalized me. I felt a tad out of place, but with starbucks, jersey, mikey, and blue all there, i was happy. I was a bit drunk for the first time in my life, the drive back to Pam's place to sleepover a blur, the room spinning as i lay in bed. I cursed the fact that i had work in the morning, News Years Day, the restaurant's all time busiest day, where'd id work a 13 hour shift and no doubt have to face Snoop.

The next day at work was crazier than id even anticipated. i didn't get a moment to breath, the rush was constant, the place ridiculously crowded, a long waiting list all day. I was almost thankful for this as it gave me no time to think about Snoop, though i caught his eye multiple times as he prepared salads and desserts not 20 feet from me. When the night was finally over, i slipped out the back kitchen door after clocking out. The cooks, Snoop among them, had to stay to clean up and i was almost to my car when i heard Snoop call my name. He said he was sorry about the night before, he'd gotten super wasted and made a mistake. he said he wanted to make it up to me and hang out soon, then kissed me for the first time.

snoop came over to my house the next night and played a board game with Pam, starbucks, my little sisters, and i and yes, we did hook up a little, but strangely nothing major would go down between us till summer...

anyway, it was a pretty great new years and a great year... more on that later.

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