Sunday, September 13, 2009

Introducing Tequila!!!

I'm Tequila and I am a freshman in college. Yeah, everyone told me that freshman year sucks because you go from being top dog in high school to being nobody in college. That is so untrue! People love freshman... and there are many theories why that is true. My friend X, says that its because we are "fresh meat" and haven't been had by everyone on campus... yet. But girls like freshman because they remember what it was like to be the new guy who dosen't know anyone... thank God I have M and S (Bambi and Starbucks). (Not S and M... sorry, corny joke but I wrote "S & M sleepover" in my planner and my mom had to inform me that it looked strange...haha)So anyway, thank God for my girls because I know they have my back, even when I leave empty beer cans in their car, (sorry S!) or make a complete ass of myself (more on that later) and we always have the best time hanging out. Plus- at least one of us, ALWAYS has a hook-up! So college, watch out! We are comming!

Sooooooo, some brief facts about me-
* I am insanely messy
* I have horrific spelling
* I am single
* I have been in love and never really got over it
* I am a singer in a band
* I hate to pay for alcohol... X says that I would "suck a dick for a cup" at a kegger- not true! I just flirt- works like a charm.
* I hate it when guys text me- grow some balls and call, how hard is it to pick up the phone to talk? People are loosing their social skills in this day and age
* I am a honors student... haha
* I think accents are insanely sexy- like Bambi likes talented men
* I partied every night the first week of school except one night when my car broke down and we had to get a taxi back to campus...
* I hate it when guys start to talk in "the tone"- more on this later

So, I better go and get on my school work, after all, you do actually have to work in college- just not ALL the time.
... And do some damage control after my guy friend texted me last night "I wanna fuck you so bad right now" followed with some "you're super gorgeous but i'm not like that. I don't want to be that guy"... hmmmmmmm, what to do, when a nice person screws up and makes everything akward... more on this later... much more

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