Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bambi dishes on latest happenings - leather, rubber, and beer oh my!

OMG SUUCH A GOOD NIGHT! 6TH DAY IN A ROW C AND I GOT DRUNK TOGETHER! NOT TO MENTION THE BEST SEX OF MY LIFE, HOT INDIE KIDS IN LEATHER, KICKING ASS AT BEER PONG, AND SEEING A HALF POUND OF WEED! after spending the day at the beach and working on my histoy paper all afternoon i was ready to KICK ITTT! we mexi-packed the lincoln, me, S, C, J, F, K, K,and T to a crazy leather and rubber themed party! the moment we got there we were whisked into the kitchen where we made mixed drinks (dr pepper and vodka) and flirted with the throngs of cute indie boys. and who should happen to show up but Quentin, the hot senior film major who has had a thing for C ever since she made out intensely with him (while drunk of course) on a bed in the middle of a crowded party. what can i say, C knows how to drive men crazy and leave em wanting more! C, who has endless options in the man department, had been blowing off poor Quentin every time he begged to hang out (he offered to get us into a kick-ass bar, take us to frat parties, ect) and now here he was, looking suave as hell! i try my best not to die laughing as i caught C's eye and we exchanged an awww-shitt-what-the-fuck look. when C bails out of the kitchen to dance with some hot guys in the living room, i talk to Quentin who reveals, not at all surprisingly, that he still is dying to do C and that people have been talking about the crazy incident at the party ever since. i told Quentin of course he had a chance tho i didnt believe a word i was saying (at that very moment C was dancing with A, a hot guy from honors house, while ignoring the other A's ceaseless calls) to put it lightly, he didnt have the slightest speck of a chance with the epicly in-demand C!

i was pretty drunk when who should call but my sexy as hell man Jack. to my surprise he wanted to meet me at the party, telling me that hed been busy the night before selling a pound and a half if weed and getting ridiculously fucked up) so after getting seriously lost due to my sucky directions involving telling him to turn down one-way streets, he finally showed up, blunt in one hand, huge bottle of patron in the other and preceded to do shots in the kitchen between kissing me and smoking his blunt. after chilling for a while the group i was with decide to hit up a frat party and J and i head back to his apartment in the quad. im drunk as hell and now im being annoying as FUCK but cant stop talking anyway. J and his friend A go up to another apartment to play pong for awhile, fuck around with his roommate brian, i video him playing guitar and singing, and finally head to bed. bed was short-lived tho sadly as J had to pick up his other drunk roommate at some other party. he finally came back to bed at 4 and we stayed up till 6...

i hate being dressed up cause waking home in a silk mini dress makes the walk of shame way too conspicuous!

the night before was pretty epic as well... the highpoints? C kicking ass at flip cup, hitting up a ridiculous jungle-themed party, C making out with some random dude and me picture documenting it, me fleeing for my purity from yet another party and hiking down the road at 3am, completely lost, flagging down some random guy and getting him to drive me halfway home , and finally sus rescuing me (story of my life!) and, inevitably, me leaving J a drunken message somehting along the lines of "baaaaby i miiiis u! where r u???!!??? drunk me wants to see u! come get me NOOOOOW!"

yeeeeep! i kneeeew! IM A DUMBASS!

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