Friday, September 11, 2009

Bambi - a she-wolf in the closet..?

sooo i hope he calls! even just a text would be nice even though he is inherently a caller, one of the qualities i totally love in him as most guys prefer to text which is totally impersonal... not that my behavior last night warrants a call, i pretty much made a complete fool of myself AGAIN, but one can dream right?? basically it went like this..

after bellydance and a quick dinner, C blew off her spanish homework and i put off that history paper another night to go to a kegger J was having (this of course being the 4th night in row C and i got drunk) and i scored a free cup (yeah doing your dealer deff has benefits) and, as i am a complete light-weight, i was drunk pretty quick. here my memory gets hazzy.. i kno i listened to J, A, and some other guys play music which was awesome cause i havent really heard J play since the night we met when he played eric clapton's "u look beautiful tonight" and i just love talented men....talent = total hot points! but i digress... i listened to them play, kept drinking, smoked a blunt, talked to some frat boys, and then J decided we should head back to his apartment in the quad and i jumped into someone's car with J and B. when we arrived i realized id left everything at the party, my keys, cell phone, car, and oh yeah, MY BEST FRIEND! i get whiney and annoying when i drink so J and B were all too happy to journey back to the party and get my shit for me (well except for my bff C who i later found out ditched her new man, A to go home with some frat boys...). then some verrry fun times went down and i slept over at J's and woke up just in time to walk-of-shame it back to the dorm and make it to class, a bit hung over, in desperate need of caffeine, not knowing where my best friend was, having all her stuff in my car, and totally freaking.

What i texted sus in response to "Roomate's leaving so I can bring T back to my room - oh my jesus christ I'm terrified. Ahh I need luck right about now" ?
--> "u dnt need luck theres a fucking she-wolf in the closet! u r the man girrrlffriend dont forget it! shell love that u kno what and wont smoke a cig when ur done cause shes a girrrl and has feeeelings"


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